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First time with Bitsy, a lot of fun!

I learned about Bitsy last week, and jumped on this jam a couple days before the deadline. I had some more ambitious goals for mechanics behind the dialogue, but I think this still communicates the core idea. Either way it was a fun bit of experimental storytelling, and I had a great time thinking of ways to work within Bitsy's limitations!

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Pixel Art


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I got to understand the character with all the dialog. A rich scene painted by a few words here and there. Excellent pixel art.


The way the light leaks out onto the street (from the windows). Wow.


this is so good! it truly felt awkward to be at this party and it was nice that i ended up talking to the girl last so it felt like a relief to find someone friendly after talking to everyone else ha ha i love the part abt talking to the cat and going to the bathroom for longer than needed to


This is great. I think it's brilliant that you can "talk" to the walls as well, it really captures the feeling of not wanting to be here.